Social media or business tools?

Communication through online channels is a practice that we all proceed with daily, both for professional and personal reasons.

But do we make the most out of them when it comes to business purposes such as awareness and promotion? Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have created – and are investing heavily towards improving an environment for businesses to advertise their products or services – in the best optimal way.

A very significant fact about online advertising and promotion for businesses is that it allows track spending with a highly accurate rate. In other words, it enables advertisers to provide a clear spending report to the management while they learn and improve from the performance of their ads daily.

Resulting in having a continuous understanding of the market that they engage with, allowing them to make decisions that can benefit the business vastly due to the experience acquired in the process.

Something that, in most cases, is impossible to track and experience when it comes to traditional advertising due to the lack of real-time performance metrics.

But how can businesses use social and digital media as communication tools for their benefit? The answer is simple. They can use them for communicating and addressing their audiences by being present.

Businesses can communicate something of general interest, informative or educational, for their niche – for example, a how-to post if they are an educational organization like us, something of an entertaining or promotional character.

There are various types and forms of content to create that serve different purposes for different platforms, such as visual, audio, and copy (written).

How to create valuable content? The answer is simple, think and try out topics that your audience would research, appreciate and engage.

You can locate this type of content by asking them directly via surveys, polls, or Q&A through social media posts and stories. You can also use free and paid tools that will show the results of popular keywords that your niche searches.

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