The Importance of E-learning Right Now

Mentioning COVID’s effect on how people are operating has almost reached cliché status. But it’s impossible not to acknowledge the social shifts and Its nefarious effects have fundamentally changed the way we work. 

But now is not the time to press pause on learning and development. With swathes of employees working remotely or not working at all, e-learning has risen to fill the gap in time and productivity.

We know e-learning works. 

The statistical benefits have been widely reported over the years.
Just take a look below:

  • Requires between 40% and 60% less employee time
  • Increased retention rates of up to 60%
  • Boost in productivity
  • An 18% increase in employee engagement
  • Cost effective

But there are also some unique reasons why e-learning is tailor-made to cope with this new landscape of remote and hybrid work.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that everyone’s circumstances are different. Schedules and hours of work have never been more fragmented. Finding time when your whole team can attend singular training sessions is a fever dream now. 

E-learning with BetterBrand Academy allows employers to train and up-skill irrespective of their employees physical location and schedule. 

All that’s needed to access the latest digital marketing skills is an internet connection and a login. It eases the process and allows your team to get equal access to the same quality content. 


One of the biggest fears for managers at the moment is fostering community with their dispersed teams. According to Forbes, ‘during times of isolation, training programs can provide a sense of connection.’

Whether there’s an element of competition attributed to the learning with leaderboards and points, or activity feeds that track how your colleagues are coping, it can create a feeling of togetherness. 

Remote working takes its toll, so take the opportunity to also focus on employee wellness as well as new skills?


Not only is e-learning easier to access, it also bends to any means of working. Are you an early bird who retains information better first thing in the morning? Or perhaps you like learning on the go, stealing five or ten minutes while out on a walk? 

E-learning enables you or your team to have agency over their learning speed. 

They can control the pace and speed to suit individual needs like workloads, focus and schedules. 

It can allow your team to learn anywhere, any time and across any device. 

Unlike static learning, which is very much defined by its rigid structure, e-learning is sympathetic to how many of our working days no longer follow a status quo.

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