Gamification in Tourism

Marketing, by nature, aims to promote the best aspects of a given product or service to the public while simultaneously creating the feeling of uniqueness and belonging to the targeted audience.

This approach scenario isn’t very far away from the objectives of Gamification. Gamification occurs when applying game elements (like points, scores, ranking systems, etc.) in business environments.

Heavily used by the Hospitality & Tourism industry, Gamification aims to create loyalty through return on spending.

For example, think of your favorite airline and how it motivates you to stick with them for your travels in return for free miles upon collection.

Or Marriott Hotels, among other chains that implement a ranking system of loyalty, where guests enjoy different benefits based on their status.

The mindset behind gamification activities is the same that we meet in every business situation, making customers choose our services instead of the competition.

Implementing a system in which the customer or guest gets something in return for choosing you instead of others. Through powerful initiatives that help in achieving the final step of the customer’s journey: loyalty.

How could your business benefit from it?

Well, start by thinking about what you can offer in return to your customers or guests for their engagement with you, based on your objectives. The customer journey goes from awareness to loyalty, with different steps that need to be achieved.

To convert a guest or customer to a loyal asset, they have to purchase, then repurchase, and finally motivate them to become loyal to what you have to offer to them.

A business can have different gamification activities for different target groups, targeting new audiences, those who have engaged with them, and those who bought.

Referral strategies are also viral within gamification since it enables advocacy.

Gamification bonds perfectly with the marketing strategy and should be a part of digital and traditional activities.

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