Employees or Brand Ambassadors?

Collaborating with influencers to promote a business or product is a common and mature practice that helps to reach niche audiences in a more direct manner than other advertising methods.

In a way, influencing if done correctly, usually results in the influencing party to portray as a brand ambassador. Which builds instant trust between the advertised product or service and the viewer due to the relationship that the viewer may have with the influencer.

Wouldn’t it be great for a business, if they could recreate, by themselves, internally, the same feeling that a viewer gets every time they see their favorite influencer using a product or service through social media?

That is the promotion strategy that the famous chain “Dunkin Donuts” pursued, which brought exponential growth to their reach campaigns by targeting younger audiences within Tik Tok.

Dunkin Donuts decided to invest a share of their marketing budget in those employees who would promote any video that would showcase the brand’s products through Tik Tok. This could be achieved by a popular dance, by showing the process of making a coffee or milkshake, or any other creative outcome that would be within the company’s guidelines.

Those who would perform would get a bonus for creating content, motivating their employees to be creative while also benefiting the brand at the same time.

The reason for a business to include this communication strategy within their promotional activities are plenty, but let’s see the top four of them:

  • As we mentioned earlier, It makes the brand feel relatable. The viewer gets a different feeling from a creator that does a small “act” than an advertising banner or a street billboard, which are also effective non the less.
  • The company may reach far more people than it would through its corporate account, after all, Tik Tok’s algorithm benefits organic reach as much as paid reach. That could mean that ten or more user accounts can have as much as good performance as ten paid activities through the platform if done correctly (with a well-performing video length, good sound and image quality, usage of the appropriate hashtags for the content showcased, popular and relevant background soundtrack and other factors that drive engagement).
  • By proceeding with this strategy through Tik Tok, the brand will convert and acquire a younger demographic, which can be converted into potential customers or address to their existing ones.
  • Lastly, this way of promoting a product or service results in what is called native advertising. Native advertising occurs when the viewer does not feel that the content watched is an ad since the promoted material content is in the same form as any other video within the platform.

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