How can Digital Marketing be used in the travel industry?

Today, travelers no longer just rely on local travel agencies to help them plan their holidays. 

Most people now get their inspiration online via social media channels and even personal online research. Research shows that over 70% of business travelers use smartphones to make most of their travel bookings, and over 60% of people research their trips and travel plans online before making decisions on where to go. 

The travel agencies still work for the few, but it’s more crucial than ever to build your stronghold online if you’re in the travel and tourism industry.

Having a strong online presence ensures you are available at any time to your loyal and prospective customers, it also makes it easy for travel businesses to collect important data on their target base, and it ensures that you can reach out to your customers with travel deals, offers and personalized ads more frequently and with better results than traditional marketing ever could.

How can digital Marketing benefit you?
Let’s take a look:

Connecting with your audience has never been easier. The internet makes it possible for you to quickly learn what your customers are interested in, and target them with personalized communication based on those interests.

Your customers are looking up questions like “the safest places to visit in 2021”, “best European summer destination”. By investing in a strong multichannel strategy you can ensure that you always rank high on search engines and your ads, blogs, website details show up first to the right people.

Social media undoubtedly helps in growing your business and creating top of mind recall too. Not only is it a great tool for handling queries and responding to your audiences faster, but you can also actively use mediums like Instagram and Facebook to woo your customers to buy into travel plans they didn’t even have. Think beautiful destination photos, video experiences, and more.

Last but not least, your business’s online presence makes collecting customer data and utilizing it much more effective. You know what your customers are looking for, and you can deliver customized travel plans to them in the form of email comms, personalized ads, and more.

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