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E-learning & on-demand education:

Study through pre-recorded, video-on-demand lectures at your own pace, schedule, and space convenience. Offering 12 months of access upon registration, to all the available course content as well as access to our custom extra files. Once completed, receive the fully certified Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism.

Specialized for the Hospitality & Tourism Industry:

The ideal professional education program of studies for entry and mid-level professionals, as well as for advanced marketers who want to expand their knowledge of digital marketing to the field of Hospitality & Tourism. Making our graduates the ideal candidates for any job openings regarding Digital Marketing positions, with a specialization for the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

Become a Hospitality & Tourism Digital Marketing Specialist:

After graduating from this course, you will have a complete understanding and knowledge of how to operate the online presence of a Hospitality & Tourism business.

Syllabus Manager: Manos Kamprogiannis

Who is the program addressed to?
The program is addressed to both professionals and students whose interest is to learn about digital marketing with a specialization in the field of hospitality & tourism.

How long do I have to complete the program after purchasing it?
After purchasing the course you immediately gain access to all of our chapters and the full syllabus which you can then study at your own pace and convenience. We offer our students 12 months of access, during which they can finish the full course and participate in the exams directly after completing all the required on-demand lectures.

After graduating from the course, is the 12 month entry period still available?
Yes, we offer our applicants access even after graduating and completing the course for 12 months counting from the day you made your purchase.

How do I graduate and get my diploma?
After watching all the available on-demand lectures at your own pace and convenience, you will be taking the final exam completely online. The exam has 140 questions and applicants are required to get 70% correct to pass. After you submit your answers, you will receive your score and your professional diploma directly online through the platform.

When will I be able to perform my newly acquired skills?
The course is designed to familiarize, educate, and specialize students in the field of Digital Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism. Forging your confidence and enabling you to operate your newly gained knowledge and set of skills acquired through our recorded lectures directly after your graduation and course completion.

Where can I use my new knowledge after completing this course?
After graduating from this course you will be able to use your newly gained skills and knowledge to cover the needs of digital marketing, advertising, and communication for any hospitality or tourism-related company. Furthermore, you will be able to operate as a digital marketing specialist at any advertising, public relations, or communication agency.

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