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The Mindset Behind BBA

BetterBrand Academy is devoted to educational excellence, launching the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism as its first milestone to educate professionals and students around the digitalization of this huge industry.

We are strong believers in online training and the benefits it brings. Offering the flexibility of studying when it is most convenient for the students and professionals without requiring to physically be in a lecture hall.

Our mission is to Forge the Digital Minds of the future digital marketing professionals, with a specialty in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. To spread the knowledge and necessary skillsets that will help individuals and companies to benefit from the unique opportunities that come with having a strong online presence. 

Partners with Swiss Alpine Center

Since 1987 Swiss Alpine Center has provided cutting-edge, high-quality education and training in the field of hospitality and tourism management resulting in the overwhelming success stories of their graduates.

Alpine Center has established itself as the leading hospitality career-focused institution in Southeast Europe with an admirable employability rate of almost 100%.

This figure is not only a reflection of their students’ competitive advantage but also of the industrious activities of Alpine Center’s dynamic Career & Placement Office.

Message From The Syllabus Manager

BetterBrand Academy provides you with professional education through access to on-demand lectures that you can watch from the comfort of your own space, time and schedule.

The aim is to help students grow, expand their knowledge, and skillsets through theoretical and practical demonstrations by experts.

To forge confident professionals, able to apply what they learned right after their graduation. 

What drives our passion for education is the exchange of knowledge acquired through hands-on experience from an expert or professional to another.

Manos Kamprogiannis

Founder & Syllabus Manager

BetterBrand Academy

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